Boiler/Heating Problems FAQ

Q - No Pressure in combi boiler

A - On a combi boiler the pressure on the dial needs to be between 1 - 1.5 when heating is cold ( this will go up to 1.5 - 2.5 when hot ) if below 1 it will need re-pressurising back to 1 bar.
Q - I have no heating but i do have hot water?

A - Check a few simple things:
The boiler, timer and any thermostats are all on.
Any wireless thermostat have power i.e the batteries are dead.
Q - I have no hot water but i have heating?

A - Check a few simple thing:

The water mains is on
On standard boilers, check the timer and cylinder stat is set on.
Q - I have no heating or hot water?

A - Check the boiler has gas and power to it, if not check fuse and fuse board.
Fault code displaying ? try resetting the boiler